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Frequently Asked Questions

When I rent a vehicle from you, does it really belong to your own fleet or you are just an intermediary company?

MotusAway is based in Sardinia with our fleet. We take care of our vehicles that are continuously checked with few years of life.

According to my experience, every time I rented a car I waited for hours in a never-ending queue. What will it happen if I rent it with MotusAway?

This is our key point. Our staff will prepare all the documents and your vehicle ready at your arrival.

In a couple of minutes, you will get your keys and your holiday can start!

My plane might arrive late, will I lose my reservation?

Absolutely not, your reservation is always guaranteed, an operator will always wait for your arrival, even at night.

Is Fuel included in your rates?

We always provide our vehicles with a full tank of Fuel, so you need to come back in the same way.

Is it necessary to return the vehicle clean?

We care about our vehicles, we are scrupulous in respecting all procedures so that they are always in perfect shape, mechanical conditions as well as cleanliness. You need to come back in the same way as you got it.

I have seen there are several rental companies in that Airport, such as Avis, Goldcar or  Europcar, why should I book with MotusAway?

We are the only local company providing with a clear and all-inclusive rate, no hidden costs, no queue nor waiting time.

May I have a rate plan?

Depending on the location, time and type of vehicle, you can get the exact rate based on current offers and availability. We have not a static but dynamic pricing system in real time as well as larger companies.

Which is the best way to save money renting a vehicle?

Booking in advance is highly recommended, as rate usually increases when the offer decreases.

 I do not have a credit card, is it possible to rent a vehicle without it?

Yes, it is, we accept several methods of payment.

If the credit card does not belong to me, can I rent the vehicle?

Yes, you can. The only important thing is that the owner of the credit card needs to be with you when you hire the vehicle and when are you giving back to us.

What about deposit, is it required?

It is mandatory like in all over the world. In case of cash payment, the Deposit will be returned at the end of your rental.

In case of rentals with credit cards we will run only a preauthorization, not a real payment, that will be removed after our inspection if everything is ok.

I lost your e-mail confirmation, what do I need to do? Will I lose my booking?

Your booking is registered in our systems, you are not going to lose anything.

I’m over 75 years old, can I rent a vehicle from you?

Yes, as long you have a valid driving license.

The rates that you propose, what is included in the price?

Unlimited Mileage, Roadside service, View/Modify/Cancel, Basic coverages, Limited liability in case of damage or theft, speedy service.